Victoria creates a playlist designed to help Spain win the Euro

The new campaign is motivating the national team ahead of the tournament

Ahead of a new tournament, the Euro to be held in Germany from 14th June, Victoria, official sponsor of the Spain's national team, has launched the ‘La playlist de la Victoria’ (Victory Playlist) campaign in order to motivate La Roja before tournament. This playlist aims to collect real messages from fans and people close to the players via the website

The idea of the campaign is based on the so-called ‘Pygmalion Effect’, a scientific phenomenon widely used in sports psychology that explains the power of the expectations we place on other people. According to this principle, if the fans tell the players that they believe in them, Spain will be one step closer to winning its fourth title.

The list already contains messages from Olga Carmona, world champion; Susana Martín, mother of Álvaro Morata; Luis Aragonés, son of the former national coach; Javier Barbero, first coach of Unai Simón and the Cervezas Victoria team itself, among others. The advert, directed by Santiago Zannou, features Morata, Simón and Carmona, as well as players Le Norman, Fabián, Joselu and Carvajal.